Sarah Chapman
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Curious. Detailed. Thoughtful. Experimental. Tactile.


Print design, knit design, embroidery, sewing, and dyeing are the tools Sarah uses when experimenting with materials. Testing new ideas is a natural part of the process as she tweaks variables – changing yarn, stitch selection, color choice, and so on -  to see how it affects the end result. Creating materials is about what happens along the journey, and chance discoveries only add to the fun.

In creating her pieces, Sarah’s process intrinsically begins by appreciating the materiality that creating textiles offers. Creating materials is both technical and an art form, and she loves sourcing fibers, yarns, and fabrics that lend themselves to experimentation.



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researching, thinking, and writing -

- new ideas and methods



Sarah uses both raw materials and found garments as foundations for material investigation.  Both types of material act as a blank canvas for Sarah – whether it is machine knitting a new material or adding a embroidered design on a vintage denim jacket – since both act as a way to give new identity to the garment. Creating apparel brings the process full circle, from fiber selection, to fabric construction, to the functional end result – a garment that is one-of-a-kind and reflects the thought and curiosity instilled into it.

Machine knitting is one of Sarah’s favorite ways to construct new materials. All sorts of different yarns can be used in endless combinations of fabric constructions. The machine itself offers an immediate way to play with stitch, needle, and yarn selection, offering the ability to quickly investigate iterations of an idea.

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